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We are making every endeavour so that your pet care is as simple as possible.

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Research & Development

All our products have been developed and manufactured in the Czech Republic with pet owners in mind. We produce preparations that are highly effective.

Simple & Easy

We chose the form of a syrup, oil or powder that can simply be mixed with your pet’s regular diet. We strive to facilitate for your pet care making it as simple as possible.


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Our Products

We in VITAR Veterinae think that just like us humans, every pet is unique externally and physiologically, and therefore also deserves the best of care. Inspired by the clear benefits of supplements for people, our remit is to create items that provide the same level of treatment for pets. Our selection of vitamins, mineral substances and other food supplements is being gradually extended based on the essential needs of our pets.

VITAR Veterinae’s portfolio of products embraces vitamins, minerals and food supplements. The entire research & development process in addition to the production itself take place in-house in the Czech Republic. Wide portfolio of products comprises both – standard and customised products.

About Us

Helping people and animals lead better lives…

We are VITAR Veterinae, a proud subsidiary of VITAR, a brand synonymous with products that help people lead a healthy lifestyle.

VITAR, a traditional Czech family company set up in 1990, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of vitamins, mineral substances and food supplements to retail chains in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Our brands, namely VITAR, Energit, Revital, MaxiVita, Capri Sun and VITAR Veterinae contribute towards your efforts on the way to healthy lifestyle, disease prevention and health promotion. All this in a simple, convenient and economical way.

VITAR Veterinae was established in 2014 and specialises in making supplements for pets, particularly cats, dogs and horses.

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Longer and happier life for your four-legged friends

Dog Preparations

In this section, you will mainly find chondroprotectives, i.e. joint nutrition, products for dental hygiene, vitamins, mineral substances and other useful preparations.

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Cat Preparations

Just like dogs, cats can suffer from a variety of ailments that can be prevented with high quality nutritional supplements.

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Effective nutritional supplements for perfect condition
Skvělá volba
pro vaše šampiony

Horse Preparations

Hip & Joint Nutrition & Regeneration.

Chondroprotection for horses and large dog breeds, that is a powerful combination of active ingredients and pain reliever.

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Why syrup or powder?

Most of our preparations are used on a long-term basis. We are aware how tricky it can be to convince your pet that a pill is a great goodie and to take and swallow it regularly. Therefore, we chose the form of a syrup, oil or powder that can simply be mixed with your pet’s regular diet. We strive to facilitate for your pet care making it as simple as possible.

Powder form

Syrup form

We chose not to use tablet form

Enjoy more quality time with your loved pet.

How syrup is made

Take a look at the short video about the way how syrup is made and see our approach to the entire process.

What makes us stand out? In-house R&D and manufacture.

The entire research & development process and the production itself take place in VITAR in the Czech Republic. VITAR is a family company boasting more than 30 years of experience in the field of vitamins, mineral substances and food supplements, both for human and animal consumption.

Furthermore, our production conforms to the strictest international norms and our preparations – in terms of the comprised substances – feature the highest quality possible.

You can come across VITAR products all over the world.

dog sports

We would like to show you that our products can withstand even the toughest sport conditions. A well-prepared and – above all – healthy dog performs at its best.

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Kateřina Vranová
Double champion of the Czech Republic and vice-champion of Europe in agility.


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