Pet dental care

Dental preparations for dogs and cats.

This natural preparation for cats and dogs by vitar veterinae contains a type of seaweed called ascophyllum nodosum, which helps remove dental plaque and tartar. It also significantly reduces bad breath in cats and dogs.

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This preparation acts directly in the digestive tract, from where it enters the bloodstream and ends up in the mouth and saliva, making it highly effective for the teeth and gums.

It significantly heightens the capture of plaque-causing bacteria and softens tartar build-up, which either falls away by itself or is easily removed.

Available in sizes 50 g and 100 g

This veterinary preparation is approved by the Czech Institute for State Control of Veterinary Biologicals and Medicines, ref. no. 063/15 – C

Active substances
Active components in 400 mg (1 measuring spoon))
Ascophyllum nodosum 400 mg
Recommended doses

400 mg – 1 spoonful (measuring spoon included)

Daily doses:

​Small dog breeds of up to 10 kg and cats – ½ spoonful

50 g pack = 250 doses; 100 g pack = 500 doses

Dogs of 10 – 25 kg – 1 spoonful

50 g pack = 125 doses; 100 g pack = 250 doses

Dogs over 25 kg – 2 spoonfuls

50 g pack = 63 doses; 100 g pack = 125 doses


Administer once a day by adding the preparation into animal feed. Use regularly. If no result is apparent within 4-8 weeks, double the daily amount.

The preparation is free of artificial colourings, gluten and sugar. Contains non-GMO ingredients. Store in a dry, shaded place in the original container.